An innovation in mobile giving

There are plenty of reasons why you’ll want to try altruly. Here’s just a few.

See the change

Fund a water treatment kit. Or school books. Or a water pump. Or a hospital bed. Our marketplace lets you see what you give and give it where it's needed

Give where it matters

Let your money work harder by cutting out the middle man. Give directly to any number of local, grassroots community-lead projects around the world

Build your very own portfolio

altruly helps you keep track of all your interests in one place in a single giving portfolio, and helps you discover new causes which match your interests

Analyse what you give

altruly will break down and visualize your portfolio for you, showing which sectors are benefiting from your support - how, where, and by how much

Give big. Give small

You can support a project with as little or as much as you like. Anyone with even the tiniest of budgets can help make a difference in the world

Help in other ways

And if you’re not yet ready to financially support an organisation, let us help you reach out and offer to help in other ways

Visit our marketplace and discover hundreds of ways to support your favourite causes in your favourite places. Whatever your passion, there's something for everyone










Here’s just a few of the things you can do with altruly

About altruly. And about us

Why we think the world needs altruly

Many people donate funds to charities at different times and different levels during the course of a year. Some give regularly by direct debit, while others donate on the fly in collection tins, or in response to emergency appeals. Most people don’t properly manage their yearly donations but just give as and when they feel like it, or are asked.

As a result, many forget who they last gave money to, how much they gave, how they gave it, and what it was specifically for. This behaviour not only denies people the opportunity to be strategic with their giving, but it also makes them feel less in control of how they spend what are often very limited budgets.

People also want to feel their support is making a difference. By focusing on real, tangible ways you can help, and by allowing you to donate items directly to local organisations on the ground, altruly brings you closer than ever to the things you most care about.

We are an award-winning tech-focused company with a long and successful track record in designing, developing and scaling socially-focused mobile solutions around the world. We also write, speak and consult widely on the potential of technology to support positive social change. Our solution to this problem is altruly.

altruly is built on the belief that people would give more, and more often – and take more interest in global issues – if they had more ownership of their giving and could better understand the difference it was making.

Research supports this. In the UK alone it is estimated that people would give an extra £650 million per year if the social causes they supported provided them with more information on how their money was spent, and the difference it was making.

To showcase your work on altruly you don’t need to be a registered charity. You don’t even need to be a charity.

  Through our own work over the years we appreciate more than most that some of the more impactful, engaging and meaningful work is carried out by either local groups, grassroots organisations or engaged individuals. Supporting you in your work, whoever you are and wherever you are, is what we’re all about.
With altruly all you have to do is register your organisation, group or project and then request help by sharing details of things you need. These might be school desks for a local primary school, or water treatment kits for a local hospital, or carpentry tools for craftsmen, or mobile phones for park rangers. In short, any physical item that helps you and your community, or project, develop and thrive.  Post the details, upload a photo and say how much each item costs. Users of altruly can then browse what you need and if they’re drawn to the work you’re doing, support you by donating funds so you can purchase those books or desks, water treatment kits, toolbox, mobile phones or whatever it is you say you need.
Supporters can also make cash donations if they prefer, or volunteer to help in other ways. In short, altruly is our invitation to you to share your work with people who care about our world - people who, like you, want to make it a better place for everyone.

Altruly in the news

We’re in closed Beta at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped people talking about us. Check out what they’re saying here.


We’re currently in closed Beta

We haven't publicly launched our mobile app yet but we’d love to hear from you if you like what you see and want to be among the first to get your hands on altruly when we do. If you’re a journalist interested in our story, or an investor looking to get behind an exciting new initiative, or a social change agent with a question, we'd also love to hear from you. Whoever you are, we’re all ears. Just drop us a line.